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Introduction of Domain Booking

If you can only get the .co.uk with your chosen prefix it might be worth considering a different company name prefix which has the other Top Level Domains still available. Securing the .net and .org name (the next most popular registered domain name types after .co.uk and .com) are useful ways to protect your business identity because no other business can use your brand name. But it really depends on your company and how much the internet helps your business.

Many brand conscious companies take this still further to cover themselves by registering their domains in additional versions to make sure their competitors don’t lock them out of possible future areas of trading. The new .eu domain signifies a European presence, for example, and .biz (business) is increasingly popular.
Your registration agent will register your domain name – make sure this is in either the name of your business or your own name. This ensures you are the domain name holder and gives you the authority to make subsequent changes to the registration. You will also have to give specific contact information, including administration, billing and technical details for the domain name. Initial registration is one year and, currently the maximum registration period is 10 years. You will be the holder or registrant if the domain is registered in your name, and you therefore have certain rights for the specified period of time.


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