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Hotel Booking Engine

Hotel Booking Engine Online Booking System for the hotel's website.

Introduction of Hotel Booking Engine.

Hotel Reservation System is handy and efficient software capable for making records of daily actions operated in hotels. Software proficiently carries out customer check in, customer checkout and customer booking operations. Hotel Reservation System is used to store room details like room number, room charge, room type etc and gives advanced options to search for availability of a room. Hotel Reservation System make a record of all existing customers in hotel, enters new customers into database with customer personal details like name, address, contact number etc.

you can generate various kinds of reports like consumer check in report, consumer check out report and customer booking report for consumer convenience. This application is mostly applied in hotels, motels, restaurants, inns, resorts, hospitals, guest houses and other hospitality centers.


Key Features of Hotel Reservation System
• Carry out everyday functions held in hotels.
• Handles each and every user check in, checkout and booking tasks.
• Store customer personal data like name, Contact no, address securely.
• Save room details like room no, room type, room charge etc.
• Give fast access to particular room and existing customer data.
• Perfectly controls user and admin accounts.
• Produce check in, checkout and booking reports to show a hard copy to customer.
• Make calculations and transactions accurately and in a protected manner.

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