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Introduction to Online Matrimony

Online Matrimony is an organized web based Matrimonial/ Marriage service facilitating wishful young men and women to find their suitable life partners. In India organized marriage services business is worth INR 10 billion. Online Matrimony caters to people spread across the globe to find their suitable partner living in a remote place but matching his /her specific interests and requirements. Given the varied and complex match making process of Indian system that is based on diverse aspects such as Caste, Religion, Economic Standard, Job status, age, height, family background etc. Online Matrimony services have become quite successful. This World Wide Web based service has millions of users with millions of dollars business potential.


Marriages in INDIA
India has always been rooted in tradition and religious beliefs. Traditional marriage in India depends heavily on tying partners based on certain important characteristics (religion, caste, class, social status, etc.). Arranged marriages and marriages within the family has been the usual norm in Indian families. Love marriages are much less common, although this has been drastically changing over the years. The essential marriage broker is a volunteer (person who does introduction between bride's and groom's family without any monetary consideration), or a professional, who used to be involved in most arranged marriages. In the last decade the print matrimonials gained an upper hand. With the internet boom in India, the picture of a marriage broker with a huge diary with tucked-in photographs is slowly phasing out, giving way to a gamut of online matrimonial sites. Indian marriage requirements can, in many cases, be so specific in religion, caste, language, and location needed that the internet suits many potential Indian husbands and wives perfectly. A service provider may use registration profiles to filter preferences and may run several different portals to cater for needs like different languages.

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