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If your Website has not been redesigned in last three years, It is the is the high time to go for an immediate Website Redesign. You must check the contents of your site are search engine friendly or not. If most of the contents are suitable to the needs of your business, your site might require a slight updating with SEO friendly contents.
How much importance do you give to your website will decide when to go for a Website Redesign. In this world of IT enabled services every business is dependant upon web to a great extent. Frequency of Website Redesign is directly proportional to the importance you give to your website as the success of your business depends on your website.
Having a look at what is there in the Website of your major competitor that is absent from your Website. This exercise will definitely give you a fairly good idea when to go for a Website Redesign.

Why do you need a Website Redesign?
With constant maintenance, addition alterations etc to the original navigation structure a Website get degraded.
A need to increase traffic to your site through SEO.
Additional functionality needed by an expanding site.
just to update the Website.
To change brand identity to be more high
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